Applicability of Founders Key NFT Terms.  The Terms of Sale on apply to the Kyzen Jump Tokens, except for Sections 4 and 5, regardless of whether you purchased your KeyNFT through or on the secondary market.  The Kyzen Mint Airdrop Passes are considered KeyNFTs, for purposes of the Terms of Sale.  Please review the Terms carefully.

WHAT: Phase 1 of Project Kyzen consists of the launch of the Avatar Creation Engine.  This means that  Impact Theory Founders Keyholders will be eligible to receive a Kyzen Jump Token NFT (“Jump Token”) via airdrop (see details in Airdrop, below).  When you have a Jump Token, once Kyzen is launched, you can burn it in exchange for a Kyzen Soul NFT, which is required to mint an Avatar NFT, as well as a number of K.R8Z that contain collectible Kyzen Item NFTs, that can be used to equip your Avatar. 

WHO:  Any holder of a Legendary, Heroic or Relentless Founders Key NFTs (“KeyNFTs”) that has connected their wallet to IMX as of 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time on April 12, 2023 (“the Time”), as determined by Impact Theory’s snapshot of wallets holding such KeyNFTs as of the Time.

WHEN:  Beginning as soon as the Time passes, through 12:00:00 AM Pacific Time on April 13, 2023, we will attempt to airdrop Jump Tokens into the identified wallets.  

AIRDROP:  Holders of KeyNFTs as of the Time who have connected the wallet holding the KeyNFT to IMX no later than April 14, 2023 11:29:00 PM Pacific Time, will receive one Jump Token per KeyNFT.  The tier of your KeyNFT will determine the tier of your Jump Token, as well as the number of K.R8Z that you received upon burning the Jump Token. For example, if a KeyNFT holder has two Legendary KeyNFTs, then that holder will receive two Legendary Jump Tokens. Further, if a KeyNFT holder has one Heroic KeyNFT and four Relentless KeyNFTs, then that holder will receive one Heroic Jump Token and four Relentless Jump Tokens, one for each Relentless KeyNFT in the holder’s wallet as of the Time.

BURN DATE:  While Jump Token holders may hold their Jump Tokens forever, starting on April 19, 2023, holders of Jump Tokens will be able to burn the Passes in exchange for NFTs that are specific to the Kyzen metaverse until July 30, 2023.  When each Jump Token is burned, the Jump Token holder receives one (1) Kyzen Soul NFT per Jump Token that is burned, which allows the holder to mint one (1) full Avatar NFT in the Kyzen metaverse.  In addition, for each Jump Token earned, the following K.R8Z are awarded, which can be opened to possibly reveal various Kyzen Item NFTs (e.g., an item for the avatar’s head, as well as various back items, tops, bottoms, footwear, backgrounds, and poses) that can be used to customize your avatar:

Each Legendary Jump Token can be burned for:

13 K.R8Z - made up of the following tiers 1 Wish List, 2 Surprise Party, 5 Prized Possession & 5 Answered Prayers

Each Heroic Jump Token can be burned for:

8 K.R8Z - made up of the following tiers 1 Wish List, 2 Surprise Party, 4 Prized Possession & 1 Answered Prayers

Each Relentless Jump Token can be burned for:

4 K.R8Z - made up of the following tiers 3 Wish List & 1 Surprise Party